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Eternyum on US-Llane

Character Facts

Class Priest
Last Update January 28, 2013
Update Error 500
Favorite Not a favorite
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Guild History

Character Guild Realm Joined Left
Eternyum Paradigm Redux US-Llane September 11, 2011 January 28, 2013
Eternyum Face Value US-Llane September 8, 2011 September 13, 2011

Patch History

Patch Achievements Status Points Average Item Level Achievement Points Challenge Mode Rated Battlegrounds Arena 2v2 Arena 3v3 Arena 5v5
Hour of Twilight (4.3) Top 78.3 %
Rage of the Firelands (4.2) Top 57.1 % Data unavailable.
Cataclysm (4.0) Top 35.0 %


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